VMC Spinshot

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VMC Spin Shot Hook

Der VMC Spin Shot Drop Shot Haken hat eine schwarz vernickelte Verbindung im Hakenöhr. Durch diese Verbindung kann sich der Haken um seine eigene Achse drehen. An der oberen und unteren Öse kann man dann die gewünschten Angelschnur anknoten. 


  • Forged Vanadium Construction
  • Hi-Carbon Stahl, Black Nickle Swivel
  • Black Nickle Finish
  • VMC Spark Hook Point
  • 360 Grad Rotation möglich

The new VMC SPINSHOT? hook is the most
simple and effective drop shot hook on the
market. It allows for a perfect presentation that
eliminates line twist and improves hooking performance.
? Eliminates all line twist, improving presentation and hooking performance
? Faster and easier to rig: Spend more time fishing
? More natural presentation than competitive products
? Custom hook features new VMC Spark Point® Technology
? Available in six popular sizes: 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 & 1/0

The Seamless Approach to Drop-Shot Rigging
Minnetonka, Minn. ? When targeting finicky bass, anglers know that drop-shot rigging is an excellent way to entice the strike. However, when using this productive technique, anglers often face challenges related to line twist that affect lure presentation and hooking rate,
resulting in weakened line.
VMC® ? the expert in hooks ? has transformed drop-shot rigging with the introduction of the new VMC SpinShot hook. ?The SpinShot hook is the first of its kind to completely eliminate the worry of line twists when drop-shot rigging,? said Al Lindner, legendary angler and National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Famer.

To do this, VMC incorporated a light, but super-resistant hi-carbon steel black nickel spinning system into its premium VMC drop-shot hook. The hook features a nimble swiveling wire structure that guarantees 100 percent free rotation of the hook with any size lure attached.
?To rig, simply tie on the SpinShot as a traditional-style drop-shot rig; the result is zero line twist with best-in-class lure presentation and action,? said Mike Iaconelli, VMC and Rapala pro staff member. ?Utilizing the SpinShot not only prevents line twists and increases hook rates, but completely eliminates the need for an expensive hook, ball bearing and snap swivel combination ? components that make finesse rigs bulky and limit rigging possibilities.?
The one-of-a-kind design of the SpinShot hook features a Technical® bend, which increases resistance to the opening that transfers energy toward the point of the hook, holding the fish firmly in place when set.
?Not only does the SpinShot allow me to spend more time targeting wary bass and less time tying my rig, but when a fish hits, the design allows for perfect hook setting each and every time,? said Iaconelli.
The SpinShot hook is forged from Vanadium® steel that melds the perfect balance of lightness and
resistance, with a sticky-sharp VMC Spark Point®. The SpinShot is available in six drop-shot hook sizes including 1/0, 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8.
VMC SpinShot: drop-shot rigging?s new best friend.

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