Sonubaits Barbel und Carp Hookbait Pellts 11mm

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It is based around three proven fish catching flavours; Hemp & Spicy Sausage, Hemp & Cheesy Garlic and Hemp & Halibut.

Within the range are Hookbaits, Paste and liquid enhancers available in all three flavours. Plus theres also an elliptical feed pellet available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm.

Barbel & Carp Elliptical Pellets

Barbel & Carp Elliptical Feed Pellets, available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm. 1kg Bags

Perfect for running water as the elliptical shape means they will not roll away from the hookbait so creating a more concentrated feeding area than a cylindrical pellet They have a high oil and protein content and are perfect for PVA bags or use in a bait dropper, or when softened with water they can be used through a feeder. The larger sizes can be used on a bait band or lasso or they are easy to drill and used on a hair rig and can even be glued back to back on a hair rig.

Elliptical shaped pellets will be a new and different feed for carp as they are used to seeing conventional cylindrical pellets. This will be a major edge especially on pressured venues

Barbel & Carp Hookbaits

These are perfect for hair rigging and have an instant impact when in water releasing their oils and flavour through the swim.

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