Sonubaits Bait Paint Green 0,2 Liter

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Sonubaits Bait Paint

Any colour you like at the spray of a bottle. Safe, effective and convenient colouring.

It is well known that changing the colour can breathe new life into a bait and the sonubaits range of dyes are designed to be used either at home to prepare baits in advance for a session or on the bank to give a tweak whilst you are fishing ? ideal for switching the fish on again when your swim has gone quiet.

Bait Paint can be used on; pellets, corn, meat, groundbait, particles etc or to customize your own pellets and pastes.

The colours of dyes in the sonubaits range include red, green, orange, black and brown to make sure your bait really stands out from the crowd. As with all of our range not only do the fish love ?em but they are totally fish and fishery friendly too so you can use them with confidence wherever you go.

Dead simple to use too - just squirt and go!

Avaialble Colours -
- Green 200ml.

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