Gardner Target Range Line Stops - Schnurstopper versch. Gr.

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Schnurrstopper aus dem Hause Gardner. Die Target Range wurde extra für die Specimen Angler entwickelt.

Die Stopper sind in 3 Größen erhältlich.

Small 1.5mm x 6mm
Medium 2mm x 6.5mm
Large 2.5mm x 7.5mm

org. Beschreibung

Target Line Stops
Supplied in three sizes these useful line stops are popular with specimen anglers for incorporating in a wide range of terminal arrangements. They are particularly popular in the construction of scaled down helicopter rigs. Numerous other uses include paternoster style rigs, use as a movable stop whilst float fishing or with a variety of ledger rigs acting as backstops or even setting the distance the lead sits from the hook when fishing mono straight through...

The smallest sized Target Line Stops also make excellent stops for the naked choddy when used in conjunction with one of the Covert Safety Beads which have a tapered central bore that fits these line stops perfectly!
Each pack of line stops is supplied with 15 stops (3 stops mounted on 5 individual loops).

They are sized as follows:
Small  1.5mm x 6mm
Medium  2mm x 6.5mm
Large  2.5mm x 7.5mm


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