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Dieses weiche Rig Tube ist stark sinkend uns legt sich schön auf Grund ab.

Erhältlich ist es in 3 Farben Weed Green, Muddy Brown und Heron Grey, eine Mixed Packung ist auch erhältich.


Used primarily as an anti tangle tube in conjunction with lead clips, inline leads, tail rubbers and helicopter rigs.

    * Thick walled for good sinkage and abrasion resistance.
    * Low memory - returns to its shape with no discolouration after stretching.
    * Genuinely 'hugs' the bottom.
    * 3 x 2m lengths per pack (6m) means excellent value for money.
    * Available in Muddy Brown, Weedy Green, Heron Grey or Mixed Colours.

Not all sinking rig tubes are the same. Some crack and distort after only light use whilst others remain 'coily' and hold air bubbles that prevent the tube from lying flat to the bottom for several hours after casting out. Gardner Sinking Rig Tube is manufactured with a consistent internal bore for easy line threading and is super dense to allow it to sink quickly and lay inconspicuously flat on the bottom. The PVC tube is strong enough to use in the toughest situations with complete faith; safe in the knowledge that it will withstand more punishment than other available tubing. The subtle matt colours in the range will blend with most lake and river beds and when used with Critical Mass Putty it ensures subtle, tangle-free presentations. For best results, try using our Tube Threader.

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