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Yum Yum Bait Booster
These great little bottles contain our fantastic Yum Yum Bait Booster additive.


The latest additions to the range are Inky Squid and Sweet Fishmeal. The Inky Squid Bait Booster has an an unmistakable fishy aroma and is a really strong black colour that creates a dark haze around anything it is applied to. Sweet Fishmeal Bait Booster works in a similar way but is enhanced with an appealing sweet cream flavour and has a strong yellow colouration.

These two new additions complement our already popular natural Shellfish Extract and red Crab & Krill liquids.

Simply unlock the convenient dispenser nozzle with a single twist, then apply some Bait Booster wherever and however you wish. It is great for squirting directly onto pellets and other particles. You can also add it to water when preparing expander pellets or mixing groundbait. Used neat, it has the perfect viscosity for clinging to hook baits. It can even be used to cover or ?paint? a loaded Method feeder, pellet feeder or PVA bag prior to casting. You can even try squirting some straight into your pole pot!

Each Yum Yum Bait Booster is based on a special liquid krill protein base, which is a well-established appetite stimulant used in the big-carp scene. Unlike concentrated additives, it is a form of ?liquid food? so it is difficult to overdo the application levels. Being denser than water ensures it goes straight to the bottom where it can work its magic, slowly leaking attractants and drawing fish into your swim.

The Range:
Inky Squid (black)
Sweet Fishmeal (yellow)
Crab & Krill (red)
Shellfish Extract (natural)

For boosting pellets, sweetcorn, meat, and other particles
Can be added to groundbait
Can be added to expander pellets before or after pumping
Can be ?painted? onto loaded feeders and Method feeders
Can help feed pellets to bind
High density liquid
Viscous texture designed to cling to hook baits
Includes liquid krill protein
Four proven flavours
Red, yellow, black and natural brown colours
Boosted with proven fish attractors
Ideal for carp, F1s, crucians, tench and bream

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