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Pop Ups
Drennan Pop Ups are bright, buoyant, highly attractive and extremely effective for carp.

There are five varieties to choose from. Method Boilie Pop Ups are spherically shaped and available in 8mm and 10mm sizes. Bandit Dumbells are barrel-shaped and also available in 8mm or 10mm sizes, plus a smaller 6mm F1 Bandit Dumbell.

Each tub contains a mixture of highly visible colours to allow you to experiment throughout a session, including white, orange, yellow, pink and black. All have produced excellent results with our expert team of field testers.

Drennan Pop Ups are also enhanced with a very special Fruity Fish flavour. This unique formula combines both citrus fruit and fishmeal flavours to give you the best of both worlds.

Pop Ups are ideal for hair rigging in a variety of ways. They can be ?pinned? with a boilie spike. The larger varieties can be carefully drilled and mounted on a hair with a traditional hair stop or Pushstop. Bandit Dumbells can also be easily held inside a hair-rigged latex bait band.

Pop Ups work particularly well with Method Feeder tactics. They are also really effective when fished with a bomb or straight lead setup. By carefully adding shot to your hooklength you can also vary the distance they are popped up off the bottom.

With five varieties to choose from and five proven colours in every tub, Drennan Pop Ups are a worthy addition to everyone?s bait bag.

The Range:
Method Boilies Pop Ups 8mm
Method Boilies Pop Ups 10mm
F1 Bandit Dumbells Pop Ups 6mm
Bandit Dumbells Pop Ups 8mm
Bandit Dumbells Pop Ups 10mm

Highly buoyant
Highly visible
Mixed white, yellow, orange, pink and black hook baits
Unique Fruity Fish formula
Perfect for hair rigging
Ideal for Method feeder and straight lead setups

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